First Little Spoon of real food

Real food… not like breast milk isn’t real food, but for whatever reason I hadn’t really started feeding Knox solids even though he’s pretty much seven months old. With Pax we started real food when he was just shy of six months because he couldn’t wait a day longer. Now Knox hasn’t exactly been patient either but for some reason I had no desire getting this party started early. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to the mess that feeding comes with and also didn’t feel energetic enough to plan meals for this little guy while having to deal with so much other stuff. Breastfeeding simply put seemed much easier and way more hassle free than giving this kid real food. After talking to some mom friends I found out that it’s apparently quite common for second kids to get solids later in life haha so I didn’t feel like I was neglecting him anymore. 😅

While postponing his feeding I let him chew on random things every now and then and he seemed to react badly to mango which didn’t make it more exiting to start feeding him. With Pax we did baby led weaning and so I had planned to do with Knox too. Being the realist I am, I knew that sometimes it’s just quicker and easier feeding the kid some purée and while I was still procrastinating having to make him food I decided to look at some options to get this party started and to gain some more procrastination time. 😬

“Little Spoon” is what I found after researching and I truly enjoy the process of research. I love researching anything baby and kids related and finding the best options. No matter if it’s kids toys, books, clothes, classes …or in this case baby food… I like finding the best. There it was – Little Spoon popped up and sounded great. Literally exactly what I needed to get Knox started immediately without feeling bad about what I was giving him. Actually the exact opposite, I was feeling excited to get him started with Little Spoon because the few times I fed him random stuff I could tell that he just wasn’t quite ready to swallow anything that wasn’t complete mush. Purée is what Little Spoon is… but not just any purées, it’s fresh and all organic and they actually care to make nutrient rich mixes so that you can be ensured your baby is getting the nutrients it needs versus just eating plain things. It gets delivered to you every two weeks with a cool pack and goes right in the fridge. Can it get any fresher for prepackaged baby food?!

Pax was very interested in this strange new delivery that didn’t exist of clothes, and started studying the little booklet it came with immediately. Of course he had to be the one feeding Knoxie, one of the things he’s been waiting for ever since I was pregnant. We randomly chose a flavor – “quinoa, raspberry, pear, coconut oil milk, vanilla, date, wheat germ oil” it was for dinner! … Yes, I just had to run to the fridge to check on the flavor because there’s no way I would’ve been able to memorize it. Who the heck ever heard of a baby purée like that?! Amazing right?! Also all their flavors are gluten, soy and dairy free which I’m thrilled about since we aren’t doing those.

Knox was waiting sort of patiently for Pax to start feeding him and wasn’t too thrilled about the idea of him not holding his own spoon, but he finally decided to be a good little brother and just do as he was told… and let Pax do the feeding. He was into it! And then he was not so into it! Pax was concerned that we were feeding him something he didn’t like but I encouraged him to just keep on feeding him little bites and soon enough he was pretty ok with it! I would say more than ok, he enjoyed it quite a bit and did great for his first little spoon of real food!

He was not able to finish the whole thing in one feeding so luckily Pax got the rest… because what’s better than baby food?! Who didn’t love eating their siblings baby food when they were little lol and this kind actually happens to be a great big kid snack!

We are in love and while I do want to really try and get it together and make his own food in the future, I do love that this option is out there and will definitely use it again when I don’t have the time to take care of his food. While we did get this sample to try, I wasn’t asked to write a blog about it, I just really, really like them so I wanted to share!! Here’s their webpage !

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