The most wonderful clothes of the year

Hi everyone! It’s been a while, where has the year gone?! 😳 As you know I’m slightly obsessed with kids fashion and this is a post about just that. So if you could care less about micro fashion you might want to stop at the title, but if you’re like me and you truly enjoy dressing your babies (and big kids… I call them all babies) stay tuned for the reveal of my favorite Parisian shop.

I do love a variety of styles on the boys… Pax gets away with more than Knox does though. If you’ve followed us for a while you know that Pax definitely wore some girlier looks when he was little while Knox seems funny looking in bloomer and co, so I don’t do it very often haha. He has more of the footballer body while Pax is so petit. Overall I think both of them wear urban style best, but I do enjoy dressing them in vintage pieces and dressier looks every now and then. Both boys love anything with animals on them but neither cares what they wear. Pax just recently started pulling his own looks but he very much likes me to pick out his clothes and to my annoyance also prefers if I completely dress him🙄 He’s a tad lazy getting dressed and when it comes to waiting 30 minutes for him to dress himself versus taking a minute to just throw stuff on him, I often opt out to do just that. Knox does not like getting dressed at all, he’d stay naked if he could. 😂

We barely ever shop in actual stores, all their clothes are ordered online and we have ordered from a variety of little shops worldwide that stock our favorite, smaller European labels. Recently we have come across a new-to-us retailer from Paris, that not only stocks our favorite small labels but also our very favorite high end brands. Melijoe Paris it is! Who has heard of them? I’m sure our French followers have!

The thing I love about Melijoe, besides worldwide shipping, is that they stock our favorite French and Italian labels. To name a few… there’s Il Gufo who make beautiful down coats, both my boys have been wearing them for years, Petit Bateau, our go to for onesies… my boys almost exclusively wore Petit Bateau onesies because they simply fit the best, Bonpoint for dressy looks and the sweetest baby knitwear and Jacadi and Tartine Et Chocolat for some classics. I hope some of these are new to you because they’re definitely worth to be checked out as they’ve been around for years.

If these brands don’t ring a bell, don’t worry I’m sure you know Gucci, Moncler, TAO, Fendi and Balenciaga all of which are available at Melijoe. Yes you heard that right, they stock all the favorite high end brands – these are just a few, check out their page and you’ll be surprised what you can find. I also appreciate how easy it is to navigate through their webpage. No need to look through endless pages of clothing, it’s very organized so you can quickly find what you’re looking for if it is something specific. Like right now there’s a quick link for Christmas looks which is very sweet and most items happen to be on sale (literally just noticed that), so if you’re still looking for a holiday look click here … it really makes me wish I had a girl because the girl stuff is so freaking precious 😩. Last but not least, what’s a good store without a sale section?! Click here for 70% off 😱.

In case you’ve been wondering what I got for the boys… Pax is pictured wearing a Play Up top and Anja Schwerbrock pants and little Knoxie is in Gucci sweater and JACADI pants. Hard to make a decision when you’re looking at the most wonderful clothes of the year!

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